Book Review: The Big Picture by Douglas Kennedy | M.S.D

A tale of torment hidden by a suburban success story, wall street lawyer Ben Bradford tells his story of love, loss and true passion. Everything seems to be going peachy in the Bradford household; a beautiful loving wife, and the necessary two kids form the statistically correct family.

douglas kennedy

However, below the suburbia mask lies regret and depression. While reminiscing about his former artistic aspirations to become a photographer, he finds himself lost in a corporate world with a failing marriage at home. His wife, a failed novelist, takes a dip in the pool of adultery, resulting in a rage-filled confrontation in which he makes a brash decision that will change his life… and identity.

This morally challenging book is a downright great read. Thriller lovers will enjoy the plot twist-filled pages, while novel readers will like the perspective and story. Douglas Kennedy creates a believable world, so eerily real it has you questioning the people around you. While most authors create their villains as sharp toothed monsters – ones that trawl the streets at night and occupy your nightmares – Kennedy has clothed his monster in a designer suit.

On the other hand, ben bradford is just a human being, a normal human being, which makes this story even more chilling. The story allows you to sympathise with the wrong-doer to the point where you’re happy for him and what he’s achieved, it has you questioning your morals until the very last page. Why on earth would we side with a lying murderer? Why, because we understand him. Does that therefore mean we are all capable of doing the same? Capable, yes. Willing to? I sure do hope not.


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